Some of you have been asking where do all of our bikes go?

Back on the road

Most of the bikes we receive are refurbished and put on sale. We try to do this as affordably as we can, to help make cycling accessible and get as many bikes back on the road as possible. You can see the bikes we currently have for sale here.

Given away

In addition to this, we like to give bikes to people through other projects wherever possible. For example, we run the Fix it to Ride project, teaching volunteers to build bikes for refugees and asylum seekers. We also donate to other local charities and non-profits.

Useful parts salvagedFITR volunteer session

Lastly, some of the bikes we receive are too worn out to repair. However, with these, we recycle as much as possible by stripping all the useful parts off so they can be used again. Volunteers help strip these bikes as it’s a really useful way to learn how bikes are put together and how to use different tools.