Bikes NOT purchased from Leeds Bike Mill

Due to being very busy recycling bikes, unfortunately we can only offer a limited range of quick repairs for bikes that are not from us. This includes a puncture repair, a single cable replacement, pedals replacement, or brake pads replacement.

Contact us if you think one of these is all you need. At drop-off, a mechanic will check your bike and if it needs significantly more work to make it safe, we will advise you where else you can repair your bike. For example, if you are interested in learning how to fix your own bike, the Pedallers Arms workshop (downstairs from us) is a great place to get advice, access to tools and parts at modest prices.

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any repairs for e-bikes.

Bikes bought from Leeds Bike Mill

We offer ongoing repairs and servicing for fully refurbished bicycles that were bought from us. Contact us to discuss your needs! Exceptions may apply if you have considerably altered your bike since purchasing it, eg. converted it to an e-bike.