Buying a bike during lockdown:

Since the announcement of a nationwide lock down we will no longer be keeping our normal opening hours.   If you need a bike for exercise or transport then please read on –

  1. Check our online showroom below to see if there is a bike suitable for you

  2.  If yes, phone us on 07729 895510 to arrange to come and test ride it (we will observe social distancing, and ask you to do the same! – payment is by card only)

  3. If no, keep an eye on the website! We will update this page daily with new, refurbished bikes. Due to a heartening increase in demand for second hand bicycles (brilliant!), we are unfortunately unable to take orders at the moment. We will continue building bikes for you as quickly as possible. Bookmark this page and keep checking for updates!

    Please note:  The range of bikes available is currently very small while we finish dealing with a backlog of orders.  This will change very soon!

To find out what size bicycle you should have, we find this guide very useful.

Green serviced bikes

These bikes have been checked over by qualified mechanics and are in full working order! Our “green service” typically means cabling, brake pads and other worn out components have been replaced, all bearings have been checked and adjusted.

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Gold serviced bikes

These bikes have been checked and fully refurbished by qualified mechanics. Our “gold service” typically includes a full strip down and rebuild, including replacement of all worn parts, complete bearings service and re-cabling.

Children’s bikes

Here is a sample of the children’s and balance bikes we have in. These have been checked by qualified mechanics (the equivalent of our Green Service on adult bikes) and are ready to ride!

Please note bikes are selling extremely quickly at the moment! But we are updating this page every day with new bikes so keep an eye out for the latest kids bikes 🙂