Regular Bike Sales

Our monthly bike sale days are on a regular pattern of the third Saturday of every month, so if you know anyone who needs a bike, please let them know we’re open every month, third Saturday, 10am-2pm! Or share the August event with your friends on Facebook…

Get RidingCentury ride

On the recent 100 mile ride (a first for one Bike Miller!) we met a volunteer ride leader who leads women’s rides for all levels of experience. She put us onto British Cycling’s list of rides for all ages, experience level, mixed & women’s only. Just plug your area into the search box and see what’s happening near you…

We were also delighted to hear that one of the groups who participated in our project with female asylum seekers and refugees has set up a cycling club! Find out how Cycling UK can help you set up a group too. Ladies can also check out local cycling opportunities (and loads of other activities) through the Leeds Girls Can website.

Courses & Volunteer days
Bike parts diagram
Find out what all the bits of your bike are really called!

We’ve just set some autumn dates for our Intro and 2-day courses – booking is available via our Training Courses page. Remember, no experience is needed – just energy & enthusiasm! Practice your skills already learned at one of our volunteer days, the next date is Thursday 7th September 10am-2pm. Here’s what we’ll get up to

A couple of months ago we offered our first set of courses specifically for women, taught by women. The feedback was lovely, and a really useful reminder of how the teaching environment can affect how we learn. We haven’t set more dates yet, but we’re really happy to respond to what you want, so if you’re interested please get in touch. Here’s what a couple of participants said (emphasis added):

[A] really hands on [course], supportive and tailored to what the group wanted to get out of it. Friendly inclusive environment where felt ok to ask ‘silly’ questions. Also really valuable to have a women-only session, as empowering to be taught by female mechanics and created a less intimidating/more inclusive environment than (some) bike hubs. Fantastic course overall!


Both mechanics were very knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. This is why having a women’s space to learn bike skills is brilliant. It really highlighted the importance of being able to see yourself in a position in order to believe you can do it. I have often found myself afraid of asking too many questions with mechanics who are men as there is pre-supposed knowledge on mechanics or the fear of looking ignorant, when actually you just have never had the opportunity to learn about mechanics. The mechanics were not only great teachers, but they were reassuring that they started off in our position and therefore instilled self belief too!!! Amazing session – more of the same please!!!!!!


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