Fix it to Ride volunteers have built 50 bikes to give away to refugees in Leeds in the past year, and we’re delighted that the project is set to continue throughout 2019.

We thank all the volunteers who’ve given their time and hope they all feel they’ve gained something too… “I knew a little about basic bike maintenance before I started volunteering at Leeds Bike Mill, but now I can confidently strip a bike down and put it back together. I find it a peaceful, calming and rewarding activity… that not only benefits me but other people too.” Regular volunteers say the skills they’ve learned have given them confidence outside of the workshop too, for example at work, where one volunteer uses his skills to “support a young gentleman who has learning difficulties who has just got in to cycling”.

FITR volunteer sessionFix it started as a 6-month project, and we are really grateful to all the funders who have enabled the project to continue for longer. We’d also like to say a massive thanks to the generous people who have made donations through our Paypal page, and everyone who has donated bikes, parts and accessories. Your support has helped us ensure the project adds real value to the bike recipients, by being able to buy essential cycling kit so they can hit ground ‘rolling’!

Michael's donationAlso, we can’t complete any list of thanks without mentioning Michael, one of our Advanced Cycle Maintenance course participants, who nominated us for a grant through Maximus Foundation. We are especially grateful to this donation, which helped keep the project going in-between funding bids!

Now, we are set for 2019 and will be aiming to keep Fix it to Ride going for years to come!

Fix it to Ride has been supported by:

Allen LaneCityConnectEvan Cornish

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