On 20th September, millions of people will be walking out of their homes and workplaces in solidarity with the young people on strike, demanding an end to a society dependent on fossil fuels.

We applaud everyone taking action to demand a better future for us all. We truly believe we can create a society based on renewable energy, sustainable housing, food and transport. To get there, everyone has their part to play – all individuals, businesses and governments. Striking is about showing that we – individuals and businesses – demand that our governments and other businesses step up to the task.

Untitled designThe cause behind the Global Climate Strike is close to our hearts. We created Bike Mill out of our concern for the environment, and particularly in response to dependence on private car use. We are salvaging bicycles to save waste of useful materials and to increase access to sustainable, healthy, and low-cost transport – creating work by doing something that benefits society and the environment, rather than harming it.

Alarmingly, we are already seeing the effects of climate change; twice in the past two years, record-breaking temperatures forced us to close our workshop due to unsafe heat levels. Despite our best efforts, no amount of fans could create a tolerable working/volunteering environment with outside temperatures of 36 degrees, and we are concerned for what next summer might bring. But these challenges are not dampening our motivation – they strengthen it.

We urge everyone who wants to see a healthy planet for the next generation to stand alongside the young people concerned for their future, support the climate strike on Friday 20th September and then continue to take action in the many other ways possible. We have decided to stay open as usual, so we can continue our work in promoting sustainable transport, but we are supporting those of our staff who will be walking out on Friday 20th in Leeds and welcome anyone who joins us.

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