co-op logoMembers of the Co-operative supermarket can now support our Fix it to Ride project just by doing your weekly shop! (Shout out to folks who don’t shop at the Co-op – please share this with your friends & networks!)

Bike Mill has been selected as one of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund projects. Every time a member buys selected Co-op products and services 1% of the money you spend goes to a local cause in the community. If you log in you’ll automatically see projects most local to you, but anyone in the country can support Bike Mill by visiting our unique local cause profile!

FITR volunteer sessionWhat will the funding support we hear you ask? In 19 months Fix it to Ride volunteers have contributed approximately 1173 hours to the project – stripping down and rebuilding bikes, learning loads of news skills whilst providing refugees and asylum seekers with a free, fast & healthy mode of transport.

We’d be so delighted if you supported Bike Mill – find out more and join the Co-op here – it will really help us keep the Fix it to Ride project going for longer. Thank you!

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