bike-course-dates-4We have some more dates for our popular 16hour bike maintenance courses, see below for details:

Leeds Bike Mill have received funding from the European Social Fund to deliver bike maintenance courses to people who are age 19+, unemployed/ doing less than eight hours paid a week, and eligible to work in the UK. These are 16 hour courses accredited by the CTC. Please scroll down to view booking information and guideline course content.

Individuals: Whether you don’t know the first thing about fixing bicycles or you’ve done a fair bit, you’re welcome to attend this two day course accredited by the CTC, the national cycling charity. If you have your own bike you can do all the repairs on that so by the end you will have a fully serviced bicycle (service worth £90), or you can use one of our donated bikes to practise on. If you don’t have a bike then you will be able to keep the bike you have serviced at the end of the course. If you meet the eligibility requirements (unemployed or working less than 8 hours a week, and eligible to work in the UK) and are interested then please get in touch by emailing or calling 07729 895 510.

Course dates 2015:
Course 1) Friday 10th April & Friday 17th April

Course 2) Tuesday 14th April & Tuesday 21st April

Course 3)Friday 24th April & Tuesday 28th April

Organisations and groups: If you have a group of volunteers, members or users who are eligible for a funded course and are interested in finding out more then please contact us to discuss options by emailing or calling 07729 895 510. Ideally we need a minimum of 6 trainees to run a course. The training courses are 16 hours in total and can be offered in different formats: 4 sessions of 4-hour blocks, 2 sessions of 8-hour blocks, 8 sessions of 2-hour blocks.

Guideline Course Content

  • Personal safety, tool and chemical handling
  • Tools, lubricants and aids
  • Degrease, clean and lubricate
  • Pre-ride equipment check
  • Righty tighty and how tight is tight? – the torque wrench
  • Brakes – cable adjustment & replacement, disc pad and v-brake block adjustment and replacement
  • Gears – indexing, cable adjustment & replacement, limit adjustment, lubrication, mech removal, replacement and positioning
  • Transmission – chain repair and replacement, chainset, pedal, chainring and bottom racket removal and replacement, cassette and free hub removal and replacement
  • Headset – a headset adjustment, strip, lube and refit
  • Wheels – punctures, tyre repair, trailside wheel truing, wheel hub servicing, disc removal and replacement
  • Emergency repairs – what to do when….
  • Lubrication – all items stripped and replaced through the course
  • Wear and tear – managing your bike and extending component life
    Please note that this course does not cover suspension maintenance, headset pressing or frame / thread facing or cutting

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